Saturday, October 11, 2008

BlogHer Reach Out Boston

Well, I am here in Burlington at the first BlogHer Reach Out event in Boston (really Burlington, which is its own town and not really near Boston.). I got here a little late-I have no car and had to depend on public transportation (in this case, #350 Burlington-Alewife station in Cambridge). Not bad generally, but weekend is not good. I am currently in one of the Breakout sessions concerning those who are new to blogging. I am not exactly new, but sometimes it is good to hear what advice is given to newbies, even if you know a little bit more. Things change and that is how you learn about something that you may have missed. There are many live bloggers here who are blogging for BlogHer. These posts will be found at their website. Not mine as an official one though since I had not signed up to do this time. Next time though.... Topics in this session ranged from how to get started, how do you go to the next level from personal hobby to professional posting to monetization (which seems to be the big topic). As a meetup organizer, I get lots of questions about monetization, which is a topic I am weak in admittedly. I was pleased when one of the audience members said simply that in her experience if you just want to get advertisers, "just ask." More later...

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