Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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AAEA or African American Environmentalist Association I first found out about them at their MSN Group. They also have a blog that I read regulary. I know that for some and "African American Environmentalist Association" seems like an oxymoron. Well there are many that care about and are active in environmental issues. I came across this post at their blog:

and feel compelled to make plain my views on this topic.

Uhhh...as a Black woman who is approaching the age bracket I would say that I would say while it is good to have companionship-a lover-it is not the end all and be all. The situation is what it is. Instead of directing anger at Black men who for whatever reason is not into you, be thankful that you have a life and choices and the ability to give and to receive love.I am tired of hearing complaints about what a sin it is for a Black man to be gay or underemployed or into [insert the name of any race except Black] women. What I don't hear enough of are the Black women who are successful and who have carved out lives for themselves and careers that they are happy with. I drives me nuts that the message to the next generation of girls is that no matter how successful you are and how productive a citizen you are, it means nothing unless you have a man in your life. then you are complete.I also do note that apparently this except speaks to the "plight" of heterosexual Black women who are not gay or bisexual or who are facing a serious illness or that may choose to accept the love and respect of a man who is not Black. A plight that I am sure is real but in many cases is not seeing the forest for the trees.Adoption is an option in regards to children. Last I checked there is an overflowing list of children who seek a loving parent to adopt. Artificial insemenation (ai) is another option for those who want children but who do not wish to adopt.You can also mentor or become a foster parent. By the way, no one "turns" to lesbianism. Your sexuality is just a part of who you are. Just like no one "turns" to heterosexualism. Such a statement is demonstrates misinformation about lesbians and bisexuals. At the end of the day, whether you have the perfect ideal nuclear family with that perfect Black man or not, you die ALONE. You have one shot at life. You can spend it caterwauling about things that you either cannot or should not control and how things should be or you can be thankful for what you have, let go of what didn't work and learn from it and be the author of your own story with you as a hero that is fulfilled by what you accomplished during your time as person.

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