Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin, motherhood and Alaskan women

[Below is an exchange that I entered into regarding an article about Sarah Palin on Facebook.]

They Raise Children, Pray and Support Palin -
Gov. Sarah Palin has a following of Alaska women as dedicated to her as others were to a very different politician, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"These are women who dip in and out of the work force, believe in prayer and spend their days trying to keep the crayon off the walls. They feel they have been looked down on by Clinton feminists and ignored by the power structure in the Republican Party. The fact that Ms. Palin has five children, including Trig, a newborn with Down syndrome, only makes her that much more part of the sisterhood.“I’m not that into politics,” said Delores Field, an Alaska Inupiat from Eagle River, near Anchorage, who does not consider herself a Democrat or a Republican.

“I’m just going to vote for Trig Van Palin’s mom.”

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Tara at 10:11am Sep 5
"I’m not that into politics; I’m just going to vote for Trig Van Palin’s mom."Oh god. What a great reason to cast your vote...

Kitlat at 1:33pm Sep 5

It actually is a valid reason. We vote for who we think can represent and do the most for us. Some people vote for the President that you feel you can have a beer with vs. the other guy who knew the job better than anyone, but had a hard time connecting with people and inspiring them until he did a little film called "An Inconvenient Truth."

Kitlat at 1:34pm Sep 5

Some people vote for the little Midwestern haberdasher who was never rich or privileged, who had experienced more failure than success, who was left in the dark by the predecessor who overshadowed him and didn't think much of him, but who was around to cleanup the end of a long war and who believed in something as unfashionable as giving everyone a "fair deal" and having the buck stop with him-qualities that those voters felt represented their idea of what America is supposed to be. People follow, endorse and vote for people that they feel connect wth them, whether it is a connection based on being one of them, understanding their needs or because they represent an ideal they connect with.

Kitlat at 1:35pm Sep 5

Policy is important. Issues are important, but they mean little if the people that they affect feel that you will not represent their interests because you cannot connect with them, cannot understand them-again, as a certain VP learned during his campaign for president and during his subsequent campaign against global warming.

Kitlat at 1:35pm Sep 5

I respect a lot about Sarah Palin's background-I don't agree with many of her positions and many of the decisions she made on behalf of Alaska and I will not vote for the ticket in November, but I connect with many things in her experience-including mothers who dip in and out of the work force and try to keep crayons off the walls and food on the table and who find enjoyment in soaps and may occasionally play the lottery and who have to balance childcare and work-especially without the help of a partner. I also feel there is some truth to the idea that some of the women who fit the profile of a Clinton feminist do look down upon such women and belittle them and well, women's groups and other groups have paid for it at the ballot box ever since

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