Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Random or NaBloPoMo Day Two

Here we are at Day Two.

Just finished watching the Shaun Cassidy segment on the 'Best of Oprah' on the OWN network. It was one of those channelsurfing moment. It wasn't a bad segment, though I wished that Oprah had spent some time on how he managed to not go down in flames as had several of his contemporaries and carve out another career as a producer and writer. They mentioned it in passing, but Biography did a better job of covering this.

Speaking of writing, what I love about Shaun's work is that he does shows that not only tell a great story, that explores things like family, community and the absurd.

I first became aware of his career "behind the camera" with the series 'American Gothic'. I also watched 'Roar,' which is now more remembered as being the place where most Americans first saw the late Heath Ledger. I also remember it because Bill Maher tried to take Shaun to task about the show on 'Politically Incorrect' because a character on 'Roar' was of African descent and Maher felt that they were pandering to audience pressure to be inclusive on a show that takes place in Iron Age. Shaun, who was minding his own business, calmly corrected Maher, by letting him know that research was done and that it was possible for that character to exist and no pandering happened.

My own writing:
Two days - 1000 words so far. The working title for the NaNoWriMo project is 'In a Moment.' I've been working on how AG Rochelle ended up imprisoned and how Julian discovers and rescues her. As these are Gondal characters, the only clues are really from the poems that Emily about this.
I've spent time cleaning up and updating blogs. I finally moved all of my old NaBloPoMo posts from the old NaBloPomo site on Ning to a new home on Wordpress. I'll be getting the Blog365 posts soon. So now my only presence on Ning will be at the Bolt site.

I need to get going on the radio soap, which I think I'd like to do as a parody/satire, having really enjoyed watching 'Guiding Plight,' which like that great show, 'Soap,' pays homage to while wonderfully skewered the genre that feeds it.

So ends the Day Two Post. See you for Day Three.

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