Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Moments of Funny on TV - to me

Frasier: There are many, but the Marty and Ronnie wedding takes the cake. No air conditioning, manure delivery, Daphne's brothers (played by Anthony LaPaglia, who totally must have enjoyed a break from being the deadly serious Agent Jack Malone on Without a Trace, Robbie Coltrane, and Richard E. Grant) getting the flower girl drunk, Daphne giving birth in the vet's office - yeah.

GI Joe Renegades: There is really only one episode - the one where Duke gets thrown in the big house and Scarlett after failing to infiltrate in the ways that you'd think would be successfully ends up having to go undercover as a redneck/white trash pregnant stereotype let loose from the Maury Show or Jerry Springer.  If that was not funny enough, once they get into the truck and beat it out of Dodge, Duke looks at Scarlett, who is still wearing her disguise and asks how long he's been inside.

My Wife and Kids: Michael's battle with the mouse.  This was over the top stupid.  From the profiling to the Rambo night ops mission to Michael actually believing that the mouse orchestrating the cat's assassination by their oldest daughter. Of course the point is made during this homage to the movie "Mouse Hunt" that if he had just had a professional take care of the mouse, it would have saved a lot of trouble (but there wouldn't have been a story).

Whose Line Is It Anyway: So, so many, but one of the favorites has to be Colin's "monkey, monkey chew the butter" weird jump rope chant for the 'Scenes from a Hat' segment.  More of a "What The?" moment.

Star Trek: TNG: Anything that has Data's demon cat Spot.  Apparently Data is clueless that his cat is descended from the same cat that showed up on Friends (one of the where Rachel spends $1000 on a cat that totally hates her) and the cat on the short lived series Committed where one the characters tells the other that she had brought evil within the house.  "Capt. Picard Day" - just the concept and Picard's reaction to it was hilarious.

The Law and Order franchise: Not a lot of funny moments for this show.  A lot of them are "What The?" moments or mildly funny moments.  Two were perpetrated by Logan-one on Prime where he stops a fleeing suspect with a garbage can lid a la Tom and Jerry.  The other was on Criminal Intent, where only he could start this huge mob fight between the police and the firefighters.  The fight opens the episode with poor Wheeler on the ground calling for backup/help. Then we see how they got there and you understand why Ross probably had a bottle of Maalox in the drawer all the time.

Briscoe taking pleasure in taunting Munch about sleeping with Munch's ex-wife every chance he got especially during a stakeot in a cemetary was just....funny and wrong.

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