Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back again!

Wow. It has been some time since that last post. Lots of things have taken place.

Tweeting on Twitter has definitely been a past time. It's not that I haven't enjoyed blogging. Twitter is a little more immediate for me since I can actually have conversations rather than wait for someone to maybe read the post and maybe comment. I also don't get spam comments that I have to clear out.

What blogging does allow me to do is to explore an idea more fully than I can in 140 characters.

Social media is a curious animal. There are many who see people using it for anything other than business or making money as not worthy of notice or as flotsam. Especially if they are women and they are not in the coveted mommy blogger cabal. I am not a mommy-at least not yet. I don't know that I would blog about my child(ren) or engage in the communal sharing that I see happening in the blogosphere around that. It's not terrible, but much like as in real life, some women (and some men) think there;s something wrong with you if you don't share yourself or care about certain things.

Well, that's my feeling about that. Still looking for the blogger conference or unconference where people who aren't parent bloggers, overly in love with the code of the platforms and tools, are of a certain ethnicity, but that's not all they blog about and are not obsessed by all things vampire can attend and not feel as if they're the kids that were outside the clique in high school.

Do I have an opinion on Shirley Sherrod, the BP Oil catastrophe, education, Harry Potter, Apple's iphone flip off, the Celtics loss to the Lakers, Lindsay Lohan, Precious, the Twilight saga, The View or the upcoming end of As The World Turns?

Probably. And I'll get to those.

Right now, I'm watching the Pretenders in concert on my local PBS. Unfortunately it's tis the month o beggin' so what is usually a shorter show will be dragged out. Maybe I can blog during these breaks.

By the way, I'm not taking part in it, but there is a blogathon to support various charities. Please visit for more details.

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