Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twas the day after the November elections

Twas the day after the November elections and all over the waves, I woke up to find out that Maine still won't grant marriage to gays.

I tweeted and shared the info along with many others to organize and make sure that Maine joins other places in doing what is right by their citizens.

I find out that Mayor Tom Menino managed to hold onto Boston and Chris Christie took over New Jersey as governor despite 'Mean Girls' style taunting about his weight.

'Creigh Deeds' is definitely one of the more interesting names I've heard in a long time.

I don't know the results of the Cambridge, Mass elections yet. I did vote for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten that they vote in a system akin to the one that the ISU (International Skating Union) used to use until the 2002 Olympics. I prefer my balloting straighforward. Ranking candidates and such is a little too much for my weary brain after a long day of work. I imagine it's why the same people vote in the same people over and over. New people would question the system and want change and since many of those people would be from the 'gown' set, they would never be heard and be branded as outsiders who don't understand and want to get rid of the 'uniqueness' that is Cambridge.

In reading the answers to the questionaires that each candidate filled out online, I noted how a number of them did not mince words when it came to gunning for City Manager Robert Healy.
I agree that he has been in there for a LONG time. I can't recall at any point in my life when he wasn't the City Manager.

Many of the candidates did make good points about what was wrong with the city of Cambridge, including shortness of funds, affordable anything, acknowledging that Cambridge is a city with problems that go way back because of years of denial, and the fact that Cambridge has always been a city that is not just the bastion of Harvard and MIT, but of bus drivers, waitresses, office workers, maintenance workers, small business owners-the 'town' of the 'town and gown' and a segment often not represented enough until something catastrophic happens.

So I will now go see online who the new bosses of Cambridge (likely the same old bosses) are as well as find out if I need to add Maine to the list of states that I still need to educate in regards to allowing same-sex marriage.

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