Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh reality

I asked where my endless fascination with reality restaurant shows came. I guess I can add Dr. Phil to the list. I am currently watching the turmoil that is known as "The Dr. Phil family." I remembered them from when they debuted in 2003. Sadly, before Dr. Phil shined the light on this family, I grew up with kids whose families were like this and was not surprised by any of the revelations (though it seemed that the audience was). We as an audience seem to revel and be intensely involved in the problems of the middle class suburbanites that populate reality shows like Dr. Phil.

I'm always endlessly fascinated by the fact that when drug addiction affects families of color, it's the families' fault and they are a blight on society and we are paying for your crimes...whereas with this population, there are 'teachable moments' and if only they weren't exposed to tv and other bad influences and they can be saved and go to college and have a future...

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