Monday, February 2, 2009

Rossi should be blogging?

Joe Flint at the Paley Center blogged on January 16th about Lou Grant moving into the new millenium.

As a huge fan of the series, "Lou Grant," I nearly died at the changes he suggested. Let go of Charlie Hume, Art Donovan and Animal? No company car? Focus on celebrity news!!!! Never mind no mention of Billie of Mrs. Pynchon in this reorg. Will Billie get farmed out to fashion dos and don'ts?

I noted some tongue in cheek regarding this post, which does ask the question if the Tribune could have survived in the new millenium. The series was cancelled in 1982 or so before blogging and citizen journalism and Facebook and fax machines that did not need special paper. While celebrities grabbed their share of headlines in 1982, they did not dominate the way they do in 2009.

Hot shot young reporter Rossi would now be one of the old guys he was not always so kind to in the series. I wonder how he would deal with it.

What would they think about the endless stream of cases of plagiarism and fabrication? A failure of journalism school or of people in the trade?

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