Monday, January 26, 2009

The alleged dolls

While I understand Michelle Obama's concern, I don't know that the dolls look that much like them. The skin tone and the hair are wrong as is the nose.

"Sasha" is a common enough name that the manufacturer could argue that it's not the one of First Daughters, but it would be a flimsy arguments.

Dover Books has published a President and Family paper doll series for years and they feature all of the presidents, including the G.W. Bush family. I do imagine that they did so with permission.

The Baby Ruth candy bar was allegedly named after President Cleveland's daughter.

I think that Michelle has to understand that she will have only a certain amount of control over the image of herself and her daughters and that she has to pick her battles.

However you know, I do understand the frustration that they must feel. What gives anyone the right to provide information on any detail about anyone's life?

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