Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ends of the Pendulum

On one hand, we have the awesome repeat of the Lady Volunteers from Tennessee as NCAA Champions. Candace Parker made her last game count, which is the consensus that I get from the sources I have read and seen. I did not have the pleasure of watching the game because all of the NCAA Women's games (most of women's sports for that matter) air on cable, particularly through ESPN. There is not Women's "March Madness" on broadcast tv. No brackets, no relentless cameos of coaches. At times the NCAA aires commercials that sometimes feature women as they remind us all to support the student-athlete. Too bad they don't support the programming for the women student -athletes. Fortunately, I had a friend who has cable tape it for me, so I will have a more complete picture of just how the Lady Vols took down the Lady Cardinals.

On the other hand, we have 'The Bold and The Beautiful,' which continues to prove that the dreadful quality of the storylines and the pitiful potrayals of womenhood, are not the fault of the scabs that came in during recent Writers' Strike. Brooke, who was called by her right name by her daughter several weeks ago, has decided to involve herself in her son's and her ex-husband's ex-wife's affair. I could understand the concern. Said son was once involved with the woman's young daughter, who kicked him to the curb long ago, but recently decided that she liked him again. (Yes, she has no clue about the budding relationship between he and her mother, thus setting it up that she will find out in spectacular fashion rather than one or both of them just going up to her and telling her straight out.) Brooke, whose made a career of collecting me and keeping them on the emotional hook is outraged and interfering. She's painted this women in a horrible light without much foundation and it does seem to me that a writer had a " deep thought" that they would give Brooke a taste of what Stephanie Douglas Forrester has gone through these past years. Again, we get histrionics, men who act as if they know best when they are part of the problem and the sensible, responsible, self sufficient women are pushed to the back...

Here is a link to some real life sheroes:

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