Monday, March 10, 2008


Poor Monday-it gets such a bad rap as a day. This has to be a recent thing because I can't imagine that people in the past felt the same way.

A lot of "WTF" from me lately. Some people will blame the directions the storylines have taken on the scabs that wrote during the Writer's Strike. I don't let the regular writers off that easy. Many, except for The Young and the Restless, were going south for a long time now-most notably The Bold and the Beautiful.

Whenever I watch Guiding Light (GL), I find myself saying "Genug already!"
-I am happy that they finally wrapped up the Sarah/Jonathan/Lizzie storyline, but I hate how they ended it. I'll allow that Alan Spaulding is powerful, but I still can't see Lizzie and Jonathan not being about to find a legal remedy to keep him out of their lives, like a restraining order or something. The courts recognize very few grandparents' rights and honestly their wacky plan to get married would not have really stopped him.

-I wish they would end the Marina/Harley/Cyrus thing. I wish Marina would just bring both Harley and Cyrus into the same room and go,
"I know you guys are knocking each other and since you both couldn't grow a pair and tell me, I am telling you that I know. I am also taking myself out of this equation. Have fun together and go with god."
If wishes could come true that a soap heroine would just do that and strike a blow for intelligent women everywhere. Granted, never crazy about Marina or Cyrus, but I would love Marina to show that she has some pride rather than these silly "I Know What you Did" games she's been playing with Harley and Cyrus.
On a related note: I know that Rick Bauer needs to leave Harley alone. Rick "I'm in love with my wife until another damsel in distress comes along" has no right to threaten Harley, although he's right to call her by her right name.

-I also wish they would knock off the "Will they? Won't they" thing with Josh and Reva. Definitely a "genug" situation. I say just put Reva and Josh back together and call it a day. The Cassie/Josh thing never really jelled for me and honestly, while we are on the topic of self-respect: you would think that Cassie would invest in a clue in that she has honestly been sleeping with 3-4 people in the same marital bed (the fourth being Tammy or Will depending upon the moment) and that's not a marriage. Cassie too should cut her losses and find a life somewhere else.

Clearly in addition to returning to some of the visual elements that made up GL's, they are returning to plot elements of the past. The bad seed idea was explored way back in the 50s and 60s with Meta Bauer's stepdaughter Kathy and her daughter Robin (admittedly Kathy was more of a rebel and felt unloved a la Lizzie Spaulding a few years ago vs. Robin whose actions were completely more bad seed). At times it's been amusing and at times ludicrous (Friday's episode where Will pays a guy to give him a ride was ... well, gee I wonder what that says about adults in general.) I honestly now don't understand why this kid has just not been put away. Yeah, Cassie stands in the way of such things but O'Neill as DA could take care of that. Court mandated mediation....I know there was a hearing and I can't fathom that a good judge in the face of the evidence would look the other way. I almost wish Beth would press charges against Will for what he did to James. (Granted all this is soaps so logic does not apply). This one needs to be laid to rest, even if it ends with Cassie riding off into the sunset with him to whatever special school he gets committed to (thus clearing the way for a Josh and Reva reunion). It was interesting at first but now it's becomes a lot of "are you kidding me?" Rafe gets busted for breathing and Will sits back and enjoys his life of making people miserable.

Except for the fact that I hated hearing that down the pike Phyllis and Nick are supposed to have marital problems because of Adam on young and the Restless, I've got nothing else except that while I was not pleased that Patrick is the father of Robin's baby, I am glad that she told him and that she is not looking to take him back. Of course GH will insist on not putting Robin and Jason back together...

Another "genug already" situation. Granted last week's SNL take off on the "3am" ad was great, but honestly I feel that Lord Howard Dean should have the election "do-over," which includes placing Obama et. al on the ballot this time. A move that brings risks to either candidate, but I feel that both can stand up to it.

Other Stuff:
Still working on organizing meetups. I will sort this out by the end of the week.

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