Monday, March 17, 2008

I have often found ...

I have often found a certain irony in the fact that I like some tv shows that exclude people that on the surface I would have more in common with than the characters on those shows.
For example, today on, I am mining the 'Kojak' archives. This is still to me one of the more rough cop shows around. And is quite the posterchild for testosterone. I don't think growing up there was ever a female cop in Kojak's stable and there was no real room on this series for what is usually considered "feminine." However, I love this series. My mother and I used to joke that if Kojak and [Steve] McGarrett were on the case, there would be no crack problem in America.

Most of the soaps that I watch, especially ones that take place in locations like Los Angeles, apparently suffer from a disease where the people of colour have died from some mysterious disease.

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