Thursday, February 28, 2008

My so-called FABULOUS life: Networking on the red carpet

My so-called FABULOUS life: Networking on the red carpet

An interesting read to be sure.  Below is my comment to her post about her attendance at the 2008 Oscar Night in Boston to benefit the Ellie Fund. 

Kitlat said...

I am glad that you attended one of the "Oscar Night in America" events. This was created and sanctioned by the organizers of the Oscar ceremony. It is much in the spirit of the "Broadway Across America" series except that it allows charities to host Oscar themed viewing parties that will raise money for the charity that hosts it.

The charity that hosted the event was the Ellie Fund. They have hosted this event for a while. The proceeds goes to support their programs, which support breast cancer patients and their families.

The Ellie Fund

I was there also. I was one of the volunteers that helped out. I monitored the Auction tables. I also helped stuff the gift bags earlier that day.

Many of the media present were local media-including access tv stations. Many people do watch the access stations religiously and since this was the only official Oscar party, I am not surprised that there were people that were trying to provide a viewing experience similar to what they see on regular broadcast tv. Hence, Joan Riveresque interviews.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were asked as far as I know from the organizers if they could attend (especially since Jennifer Garner was here filming with Matthew McConaughey a few days before) but as you could see on the telecast, they were needed elsewhere...Ben Affleck also grew up in Cambridge, not Boston.

Networking is tough-especially for women I think in some arenas because we still get messages that it's better not to be "pushy" or "forward." We also downplay ourselves whereas sometimes guys will not just gild a lily-they will dip it in chocolate and keep selling you on the fact that it is gold.

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Don't ever sell yourself short. We all are somebody special.

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