Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday-not quite so blue, but not real colorful either

I'm counting down to my birthday, which is a milestone birthday and what it will mean this year.

This will be a year where I can be "careless" with money on my birthday. This will be marked by getting a modest laptop, which will free me in so many ways from my internet existence as it is.

I was listening to the On Point Archives today and heard a show about Gen Y and couldn't help but feel as if Gen X was the generation that got hosed until we started producing the mini-miracles and then got skewered for the bust while our parents, who for the most part to my thinking we more boomers than the war generation, have seemed to run the country into the ground...I am reminded of two things I saw on tv-one recently and one a while ago. Recently, I saw 'Rebel Without a Cause.' There was a scene with Natalie Wood as Daughter Judy and William Hopper (son of Hedda and was Paul Williams on 'Perry Mason') as Father who would not talk to Daughter Judy and had these expectations and found time and energy to nurture and love son Beau.

There was the episode of 'Dharma and Greg' where Abby was talking about how she and Larry where going to raise the impending baby differently than Dharma because now they had a second chance to do it right-inadvertantly throwing Dharma into a philosophic crisis since she was raised according to the principles that Abby and Larry are now going to reject. (The funniest line I remember is Abby saying to Dharma, "I mean c'mon, we had Timothy Leary as your babysitter...")

Both are how I see the difference in how sometimes Gen X and Y are treated. Then again, for the most part I see the labelling of generations as a marketing thing.

I've had Steve Winwood's song, "If you see a chance, take it" running through my head all weekend. And that, is today's lesson.

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