Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 365

Here we are. Day 365. On the cusp of the new year and saying goodbye to the old.

On the whole for me, 2007 wasn't the worst year, though it was not a great year.

There are still times where I haven't figured it all out yet and I don't want to be an adult.

I said goodbye to some activities (like chorus and participating in Showa Boston) and picked up new ones.

I am learning more about myself through the relationships I have and how I need to be a better everything.

Science has called me back and I am working on pursuing that.

I wish I could say that I have next year all mapped out but I don't. I just have January, complete with its milestone birthday and great volunteer projects.

Tonight, the Resolution Ball which supports the Ellie Fund and the laughter and the drunkeness and tears.

Goodbye 2007 with you Iraq and Faluja, your Obama and Oprah and TomKat and Benifergela and war and shotgun health insurance. Welcome 2008 with more of the same.

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