Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A little bit of this and that

Currently I am listening to "Young and the Restless" and am shaking my head over Abby Carlton's "gee willikers" description of what she learned about Native Americans in school..."We learned that they used to live in wigwams...and they used to tell great stories...."

One of the members of the Massachusetts Bloggers at NaBloPoMo asked where people were from. Below is what I answered:

"I was born in Boston and grew up in Cambridge. I was about 5 when the Blizzard of '78 hit. I have two outstanding memories from that:

A) I remember my uncles opening the window of our second floor apartment and finding snow for as far as the eyes could see and the hand could touch.

B) Walking to my aunt's house much later after the Blizzard when you could finally move. The snow piles were not only at least 3 ft over my head as a child but well over my mother's head (She was the height I am now-5'3", so we are talking about at least 8ft.) It all looked like that maze scene in the original version of "The Shining." "

Another laundry list day-event planner's day is very long. Made some progress on securing the venue for a nonprofit I volunteer for. Now I have to make the appointment and let the fun begin. The work on the Ball is going along slowly but surely. I need to motivate the committee to really work on obtaining things for the raffle. We are at the half and we need to adjust what we are doing. Blog Meetup is getting there.

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