Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 30

Well, here we are at day 30 of the "noble experiment. I can't believe a whole month has passed and that soon a whole year has passed.

As Forrest Gump once said (or would have said): " Bloggin' evr'y day is TOUGH."

I tried to do the every day thing and fell down definitely over the weekends when I just wanted to sleep or had other things to do.

Content. I don't think that I had a total shortage of things to blog about but I ran into time crunches, which made it dificult to expand on things the way I would have liked.

It was good to see some of the other blogs and to read them. I did think it was cool when I created a Massachusetts group at NaBloPoMo that people joined. I wished I could have been more involved there too.

I think that I did accomplish one of my goals for this thing. I will blog more at least once a week if not daily. I did miss it when I stopped doing it more religiously. I also took a step towards next year's goal of blogging every day. If I can blog 15 days out of the month, then I can blog next year for more than 15 days.

That's all for me and NaBloPoMo. See you next year!

BTW-for NaNoWriMO I got to over 32,000 words, which is short of the 50,000 goal but lightyears better than last year's 2611 and 2005's 500.

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