Friday, January 26, 2007

McChronicles: QSCV WATCH

McChronicles: QSCV WATCH

The McChronicles gang blog about Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value (QSCV) and the quest for the Egg Nog milkshakes that McDonalds advertised during the holiday season and certain restaurants trying to explain why they don't have them even though their signs advertise this.

I encountered the latter for the longest time when Dunkin Donuts first advertised their Coffee Coolatta product. In most of the cases, it wasn't that it was not the time of year or that their store did not carry it. It was simply that the staff as a whole was not trained to make it. This makes sense a little bit when you consider that Dunkin Donuts stores are franchises and within certain limits can make up their minds about things like that. Consequently I went to Starbucks, (the original source of the product for me) which is a chain and for the most part requires every barista to know how to make every drink and anytime. Period. Though it was more expensive than Dunkin Donuts and slightly more expensive, I patronized them until Dunkin Donuts understood that a person will pay more for convenience if they can. They will pay more for the ability to get a frozen blended when they want even if the one that you sell is less expensive and has more product.

Regarding cleanliness, the only fast food restaurants I ever eat in are the Burger King located in Government Center in Boston and well it used to be the McDonalds located in Coolidge Corner i Brookline. I can say that the McDonalds located in Central Square in Cambridge and the one located near the Christian Science Monitor in Boston are kept clean. I do believe they are owned by the same franchisee. The aforementioned restaurants also adhere to the QSCV standard.

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