Monday, November 13, 2006

NOLA-Final Day

With a sense of sadness, I woke up and got ready. I knew that it would be my final day here at the HandsOn New Orleans base camp and that I would need to return back to my life in Massachusetts-work, lousy public transportation, chilly weather, dear friends and all.

I just saw another team member off. It's funny-we are all going back to Boston but not together and though we will be a phone call or an email away, we will likely fall into being so busy that we won't have that shared time like we did during this trip. We definitely will get together to see off two of our team before they return to Korea in December.

We are also going to establish a flick'r account so soon you will all see photos that I and the group took during our time here. As Jamie and Ethan both said it will be interesting to see the different perspectives in shots of some of the same sites taken by different people. A photographer's composition is unique. My photos of the Lower Ninth Ward may convey a different sensibility than say those taken by Joey and Justin-the two engineering students from Korea.

I am looking forward to trying to get in on a last gut today since those can be completed in the morning time. My flight is not until later in the afternoon and I really would like to get one more physical job in.

While he was waiting for his taxi, Brian used Google Maps and information from the New York Times coverage to show how Katrina affected the areas we've been working in.

Tomorrow I will definitely be able to post some reflections hopefully along with whether or not I was able to make a last gut!

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