Monday, September 18, 2006

Robin Scorpio and the AIDS Walk on Octber 15th

It looks like General Hospital is continuing to show that it is serious about supporting AIDS causes. While General Hospital is not the first daytime drama to feature a character with HIV or with AIDS, it is definitely the first one to make HIV/AIDS a regular part of its storyline in a way that brings awareness rather than melodrama.

Dr. Robin Scorpio, GH's poster child for this issue, will be participating in the AIDS Walk taking place on Oct0ber 15th in Los Angeles. She blogs about it at her blog.

It will now scare everyone to know that Robin and her "boyfriend" Dr. Drake (why can't a boulder fall on him?) actually have a team for the walk called "General Hospital, Team Scrubs"and they are accepting money. (Of course actress Kimberly McCullough and the other actors that portray the characters of Team Scrubs are accepting the donations on their behalf.)

Though completely disappointed by the direction that Robin and Patrick's relationship, I am glad that hey, both are doing one good thing this month.

Looking at the page for "Team Scrubs," it looks like "Robin" is raking it in. Her fundraising goal is $1000.00. She has currently raised $2,020.00.

A poor person named Nichole Goluskin has $0.00 so far. I may donate to her instead of Kimberly to give her something. Sadly, I don't know which one she is on the show.

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