Thursday, September 14, 2006

Music surveys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys...thanks

List 10 musical artists you like (do this before reading the questions below).

(Suppose to be IN order, but they don't know me very well...)

1. New Order/Joy Division
2. Stylistics
3. Wu Tang Clan
4. They Might Be Giants
5. Goo Goo Dolls
6. Men at Work
7. P Funk All Star George Clinton thingy
8. Mission of Burma
9. Johnny Cash
10. Weezer

(I'd go on but I will obey and cap it off at 10.)

-What was the first song you ever heard by 6?:
Of course "Land Down under."

The first song I really listened to? "One Nation Under a Groove"

-What is your favorite album by 8?:
Huh. I have only known singles by them so I can't say.

-What is your favorite lyric of 5?:
"I want to wake up where you are, don't say anything at all"

-How many times have you seen 4 live?:
Sadly I keep missing them and they are HUGE around here.

-What is your favorite song by 7?:
That's a complete Sophie's Choice...I can't pick just one...
1. One Nation Under a Groove
2. Aquaboogie
3. Bootzilla
4. The recent stuff by Boosty
5. Atomic dog
6. We want the funk (turn this mutha out) and others....

-Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?:
Many of the songs that make me say, "god do you guys hate women especially black women"

-What is your favorite lyric of 2?:
"Make up to break up, that's all we do. First you love me then you hate me, it's a game for fools"

- What is your favorite song by 9?
Probably "Bird on a Wire." Although I have been known to hum "Jackson" here and again. I also liked some of the stuff he did with Waylon, Willie and Kris.

-How did you get into 3?:
I liked the name so I randomly picked up the cassingle that had can it Be that it was all so simple then/Wu Tang Clan aint nuthin to F'k with and was introduced to the Pillage and the 36 Chambers.

-What is it you like about 10?:
The fact that they did a music video with the Muppets and it worked.

-What is your favorite song by 4?:
That's a total Sophie's Choice...there are so many but I have to say that I am still a sucker for the ones they did on Tiny Toons-Particle Man and Istanbul.
I have been known to hum the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle and the Dunkin commercial.

-How many times have you seen 9 live?:
None, and sadly will never be able to.

-What is a good memory concerning 2?:
Last year's concert. They did ALL of my favorite songs-even the obscure ones.

-Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?:

-What is your favorite song of 1?:
That's like making a Sophie's Choice. Right now: "Age of Consent," "A Perfect Kiss," "She's Lost Control," "Transmission" and "Here To Stay."

-How did you become a fan of 1?:
Unofficially when I first heard "Temptation" on the soundtrack for "Trainspotting." Officially, when I first heard "True Faith" and "Bizarre Love Triangle" and realized they were done by the same group.

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