Thursday, August 10, 2006

The World has gone insane

  • As I mentioned to my boss this morning, I don't know what is worse-the fact that there were terrorists in Great Britain that were plotting to blow up planes bound for the US or that they were again going to use Logan Airport in Boston again for this sort of this. As I pointed out, admittedly, most transatlantic flights stop over or end in Boston. However, I also know from personal experience that there are things that you can get through certain carriers (a certain Blue one comes to mind) that other airports will nail you on.
  • I heard yesterday that a kidnapper on trial got his case thrown out because his lawyer showed up three sheets to the wind (drunk). They actually showed the baliff giving him a breathlyzer test. Lawyer found incompetent, kidnapper's case thrown out until new lawyer is found.
  • Floyd Landis should consider taking up knitting. I still want to believe him-not because his family is Mennonite and he looks wholesome and such. I do believe that the organizers of the Tour De France do have it in for the Americans and that they are getting him because they could not get Lance Armstrong.
  • Yesterday I was reading a book to a child that showed how chidren in different countries play. I saw a picture of children dancing in Lebanon. What I did not say out loud is that said children are probably dead now thanks to the bombing.

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