Thursday, August 17, 2006

More on Robin

Well, I visited Robin's Blog today to see what she has been up to. If I had not been enjoying the trend of the previous entries, I definitely did not enjoy the most recent entry where Dr. Patrick said that he "might be able to love" Robin.

Now, I do realize that these are fictional characters living in a fictional world that I don't think I ever would want to live in. Nevertheless, I hate the fact that she is happy that someone "might be able to love her." (My quotation marks by the way).

I have seen in real life where girls and fully grown women put up with a lot of kibbutzing around just to be worthy of "might be loved." The usual suspects contribute to it-low self esteem, fear that you won't have anyone.

My favorite is the "if I wait long enough for him to:
- grow up or
-become more mature or
-realize that he really does love me or
-see me for who I am and love the person inside or
-get over his own fears
-understand that we are soulmates,
then he will tell me that he loves me in a fantastically romantic setting and then we will get married in a big, fantastically romantic way and be happy forever and ever.

It doesn't even happen that way all the time in the movies. Soaps however are famous for perpetuating the "suffering good girl" who puts up with a bad boy that just doesn't realize how great she is and how living a good life is a good thing and she endures months and years of broken promises, childish games, and abuse (not always physical) because in the end she will be rewarded for her efforts because eventually he will be there for her.

What movie, book, or tv show evers has this storyline outside of soaps? What's more, when have any of those ever reversed gender on it where the male character doing the waiting and 'fixing' ever puts up with this for as long as the female character does? Even Dr. George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy walked away from two untenable situations with Meredith Grey and the nurse who gave him syphllis a heck of a lot sooner than Meredith Grey did from her Dr. McDreamy.

I was even more disappointed by the comments section of this particular post on Robin's Blog. Most were supporting her waiting until Dr. Patrick was "ready" for adult relationship they should have and they counseled patience and helping him to get there. They were essentially saying that it was all okay.

I did find some rays of hope in the comments section though. This one essentially summed up my feelings about the Robin-Dr. Patrick "romance" and her behaviour in it:

Wow Robin, you sound pathetic. He never said he loved you, so don't get your hopes up for the future. I worry about your self-esteem lately. It took 8 months for Patrick to get to know you and spend time with you. In those 8 months, he has belittled you, called you names, etc. And the best he can do now is that he could love you? I think you deserve a whole lot better. A woman like you deserves respect. Waiting for Patrick to realize what an amazing woman you are will practically take forever, so why not play the field and find someone that will actually love you?

Robin was a character with self esteem and demanding of respect for herself. If this how Robin's life is going to go, I think if I were actress Kimberley McCullough, I would ask for my character to be killed off.

I do also realize that the purpose of the charater's blog is likely for the marketers or the writers of GH. They read responses and bend the story to appeal to the "consumers" rather than be true to anything like character and plot integrity. Master manipulation at its best.

By the way...
Jason may have made some stupid and in some ways understandable choices in his relationship with Robin but he never berated her or played games with her. She always knew where she stood with him and "Stone Face" found it quite easy to tell her that he loved her. I'm just saying, "Memo to the writing staff..."

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