Friday, August 25, 2006

A lecture on responsibility-Hollywood style

I normally don't read 'People' and my interest in the gossip of today's Hollywood is minimal at best.
I was googling Oprah's opening a school in South Africa for girls when I came across this article in 'People':

Lindsay Lohan Blasted for 'Heavy Partying'

and this one:

Costar Knocks Lindsay Lohan's Lateness

At the end of the day, work is work and if your inexcusable behaviour gets in the way of that, you will find yourself out of work. Even iconic Marilyn Monroe was fired by her studio for excessive lateness, not being prepared and excessive calling out.

James Robinson of Morgan Creek productions was not out of line in his letter which is Work Rules Etiquette 101, neither was actor William H. Macy, who recognizes that talent and money is never an excuse for behaving badly.

We all make mistakes-a few more at 20 than at other ages. I know that Lindsay Lohan will pull it together.

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  1. Unfortunately, she continued her downslide and ended up in rehab.