Wednesday, August 9, 2006

An appeal found on MySpace

I admire the people who simply ask for what they want or need.

Please help The Artists Of The Gossamer Court Help Others

Please Forward this on to any groups or blogs that might help us with this important need.

As it stands now there are over a dozen groups of seekers affiliated with the Gossamer Court, preparing to travel to the desert in Nevada, for Burning Man. This is my family and they are the ones who inspire all the work I do, that many people seem to enjoy so much.

This marks the beginning of a spiritual mission for me, as I will be traveling on to the Northwest after Burning Man, answering a request from two very dear souls, Justin and Amy, who are about to have a baby in October.

Through mishap they lost so much in the material sense. They have each other, a wonderful giving and healing spirit, as well as a desire to help their tribe. My friend Rob, the victim of a hate crime a few months ago in Reno is helping by simply putting me up for a few days to rest before Burning Man, because my health is not the best, providing a meeting point for us to continue of to Burning Man.

As for my trip to Washington state, there seems to have been a negative energy blanketing Seattle that I am going to attempt to bring some light into. Ever since Justin and Amy wrote me about the problems in that area, I have known in my heart that this is a test of my ability as a shaman. Thye had no one else to trun to and I am humbled that they asked me. How could I say no. Please pray for us.

For travel such as the Seattle goodwill trip, I only request food and lodging during my visit. My ticket is paid by me. I do evrything I can before asking anything of anyone else.

When it comes to the artists who give so much of themselves to the purpose of The Gossamer Court, healing through art many of them are not in a position to live as I do, with few desires, need for material things. My responsibilities are of a very different nature. Many of our affiliates have jobs and struggle just to keep a roof over their heads.

This is where my concern rests.

I do occasionally ask for money, items that might be useful, especially for 7 days in the desert and this one of those times.

Our reserve fund for The Gossamer Court would be totally empty were it not for my mother making a small donation. We have had to discontinue some of our outreach work because of the economy and my lessening ability to pay out of pocket for such mundane things, as gas money for musicians traveling to put on an event for disenfranchised youth.

When embarking on a journey, travelers sometimes encounter hardship and lets face it, very few in our number would ever be mistaken for young Republicans, so in addition to possible vehicle trouble and medical issues, we tend to encounter local authorities checking inspection stickers and ID. etc. The artists of The Gossamer Court and all others who use their work to heal are worthy of consideration.

This promises to be a very productive journey and our affiliates, in being able to join together, in the desert, will find new ways of furthering our sacred purpose of healing through art.

Some people in thee past have sent us art supplies, blankets, clothes, camping gear, beads (that jewelry made paid for things) and some cash, the latter being important, because we do not really want that phone call on the road, from someone who cant pay $75.00 or so, for a car part that could keep them from making it.

There are a few in our number who are only a few dollars short of being able to make the trip. One of our fire safety people might not be able to make it because of money.

Many of us have given all that we can, and continue to do so, with an open heart, as joy we bring to others.

I have always been reluctant to have fundraisers and to keep from doing constant requests for donations, as the idea of selling spiritual gifts like soap is repugnant to me and these types that keep pressuring others who can not afford to, to give, promising a condo in the heavens and a ringside seat at the Second Coming make me ill.


What I can promise is that anything sent to us will go to the artists and emergent needs that may arise.

Please help us to help others.

I implore you to help us in any way that you can. A few dollars or whatever you can part with, in an envelope would be most welcome. So are your prayers and good wishes.

Many Blessings To You All.

Yust The Faery King

The paypal account is listed under and the mailing address is:
Yust Lundberg
The Faery King
199 Massachusetts Avenue ..214
Boston, MA 02115
617 448 6340

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