Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Owner for the Apprentice

I discovered while cruising through the various links that I have on this blog, that one of my favorites has a new owner. That's right. The is up and running again. There was a period of time during the 5th season where it was simply not being updated. So I actually spent more at the official blog, where Donald Trump essentially published the "tips" that he provides each episode.

Well, the original owner put it up for auction on ebay and the current owner purchased it. He seems like a nice fellow and is seeking to maintain the site.

I liked this particular blog because there was real analysis of each episode but it also cateered to the armchair critic in all of us.

I look forward to visiting the site in September when the Apprentice debuts in LA. (As in Los Angeles, I shudder to think what Mark Burnett would do with the show in Louisiana.)

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