Monday, June 19, 2006

Another monthly installment of "Sites that I visit"

(I decided to make this a monthly feature since I feel compelled to share the good, the bad and the ugly of internet surfing.)

I was rooting around in and I found a posting for a job for a large private party host/ess for date that had already past. As always, curiosity gets this cat so I went to the poster's website to find out about the company. It turns out that he coordinates and hosts high-end cocktail parties in the Boston area-something that I am sure many thought went the way of white gloves and white sport coats.

While I found this all fascinating (particularly because it seemed to be a moderate success and because he seemed to think that Davis Square was in Cambridge and not Somerville), my strongest reaction was to the "Girlfriend Job description."

I was not so much offended by it as I was amused by it. My first thought was that the times are changin' when you need to frame what you want in a mate as a job posting. However, I must applaud him for knowing exactly who he wants to be with as well as outlining dealmakers and dealbreakers.

I agreed with some of the dealbreakers although I wonder how many of those will become negotiable, if he is still single after a certain age.

The "Girlfriend Job Description" can be found at

The website for the author of that description is

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