Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh Ron...

Ron Artest does it again. See the story here.

I don't understand what was so important about having to hit Manu Ginobli. Okay, so he hit you first, likely not by accident. Was that the reason to retaliate? Do you not know that your teammates need to have you IN the game and not sitting on the bench because you cannot control yourself?

I think that it's time for Rashid Wallace to speak a bit with Ron-even though they are on opposing teams and in opposing conferences. Rashid curbed his propensity to collect techinical fouls and game ejections during his tenure with the Detroit Pistons and well, let's see...he got a championship ring out of it. Let's hope that Ron Artest will learn that how you handle yourself means more than the dollars that you get for doing nothing.

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