Thursday, March 16, 2006

March Madness 2006 part 1

NCAA Tournament Scores & Schedule: Mar 16

In play as of this writing:
(14) Xavier 24 vs (3) Gonzaga 21 1st half

(15) Belmont 28 vs (2) UCLA 58 2nd half

(9) N.C. Wilmington 27 vs (8) Geo. Washington 29 1st half

(13) Iona 29 vs (4) LSU 25 1st half

Played (Winner in BOLD):
(12) Montana 87 vs (5) Nevada 79

(14) South Alabama 50 vs (3) Florida 76

(10) Alabama 90 vs (7) Marquette 85

(11) Wis. Milwaukee 82 vs (6) Oklahoma 74

(13) Pacific 76 vs (4) Boston Coll. 88 2OT (Double Overtime)

(10) Seton Hall 66 vs (7) Wichita St. 86

(15) Winthrop 61 vs (2) Tennessee 63

Yet to play:
(11) San Diego St. 24-8 vs (6) Indiana 18-11

(13) Air Force 24-6 vs (4) Illinois 25-6

(16) Southern 19-12 vs (1) Duke 30-3

(12) Texas A&M 21-8 vs (5) Syracuse 23-11

(12) Utah St. 23-8 vs (5) Washington 24-6

My Commentary:
-I have to say that for whatever reason, I was surprised at both Seton Hall and Oklahoma's early exits-particularly Oklahoma. Granted, as a strong Arizona Wildcats fan, I should feel nothing but joy for the team that has at times stood in Arizona's way as it climbed the latter but Oklahoma usually has a good time. If you see the breakdown of the score for the second half, they clawed their way back but time ran out and Wis-Milwaukee got the better of them.

-Winthrop's loss to Tennessee ended a potential all "W" sweep.

-BC...I admit a certain bias to the one team that is representing Massachusetts in Division I. I miss Holy Cross, who actually has a championship (from way back-a member of that team was Bob Cousy, former Boston Celtic from the "black and white" movie reel days) but I do believe that BC's move into the ACC has help them get to the next level as it were.
It did not look good at the end of regulation on the first OT. I swore as I had in 1999, when Russian figure skater Maria Butyrskaya had been given 4 minutes she would never see again, that if BC wanked this opportunity and badly that I was going to fly to the arena and kick some rears all the way home.
Apparently they heard me. They may not win the Tournament. There is a lot of talent out there. The money is on UConn this year again with some change being placed Duke, Syracuse and Villanova.

And it would be painful to see Arizona have to go against them. As it is, I have to deal with the fact that Arizona will have to do battle with Georgetown, who is currently being coached by the son of the coach that won the only NCAA title in their history. I grew up as a fan of the "John Thompson-Patrick Ewing" then just the "John Thompson" Hoyas. I hoped they would rise again after Thompson's exit as head coach. It seems that they have. Now I again must watch my children do battle. I will also have to watch the winner of that fight eventually meet up with BC should they stay in the game.


March 17 will feature some interesting matchups suitable for a beer drinking day.
-Arizona and Wisconsin. Arizona has been feeling around this year. Wisconsin has been respectable. Both teams traditionally have a good first round. It will be all about great shot selection, controlling the boards, hitting the free throws and outlasting.

-Iowa has been on fire lately. It will be interesting to see if they will be the "Gonzaga" this year-the team that goes farther than anyone expected and that shakes the bracket up a lot before they exit.

-Memphis has also been on fire-hence the No. 1 seeding. It may be discriminatory of me but I really don't want a school named after Oral Roberts to make it to the Final Four.

-The Salukis (Southern Illinois and West Virginia are back. Don't know if Pittsnoggle is but if he is, expect to see and hear his name in every commercial and comment.

Must go now and prepare for tonight's games.

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