Sunday, March 5, 2006

The Apprentice-Season 5

I admit it. I want Donald Trump's show "The Apprentice."

I have watched it since its inception though with varying degrees of faithfulness. I do play the fantasy game-I who skewered male friends and coworkers for playing baseball and football fantasy games as if they mattered.

Yes. Me.

This season promises to be interesting since Donald "handpicked" this batch of contestants.

Other blogs such as The Apprentice Blog, can definitely provide better analysis than I ever could, especially since I don't have that type of time.

I can say that the first episode was notable for at least proving that you can belong to Mensa but that does not mean that you are smart.

Other things I took away from Season 5, Episode 1:
-Put up or shut up but realize if you shut up, you may shut yourself out. (Summer should have called more restaurants or at least called Tarek to task for not having a 'hook')

-Russian mafia in da house! Not really. It was the thought that popped into my head when I saw the conclusion of the boardroom.

Lenny is the medicine that this show needs.

Someone pointed out at The Apprentice website on Yahoo that after being subjected to overly confident, pretentitious lawyers we are finally seeing someone who seems not only to have the ambition to succeed but the actual knowledge and real hutzpah to pull it off. This is the guy that should have been recruited for Season Three's "Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts."

He clearly read how the boardroom was going to go. He gave Summer sound advice to keep her head and keep quiet, which she followed until the last moment. He is not a person to waste words and sees things clearly. He thinks on his feet and every move is decisive.

Granted we have only see him on one task. He may well be too much of a "killer," which is what did in his Russian predecessor from Season 4, Alla. She had all the same qualities as Lenny and there is no doubt that had she not made the tactical error of beating the dead horse (the dead horse being ineffectual Felicia who was headed out the door anyway), she would have made it into the Final Three.

And honestly, for the same reason that I chose Summer as the one to be fired this week, I will say that Lenny will not be the apprenctice. I chose Summer because I could not envision someone named 'Summer' as working for Donald Trump, that would be making deals with real sharks. I think that poor Lenny's very heavy Russian accent will work against him. Just as I listened to the boardroom and hear his "not for long" comment in response to Tarek's future in the game and said, "Russian mafia in da house," I am sure that potential partners to Trump corp might shy away from someone who sounds like they are plotting to take care of Mr. Bond.
I might be wrong. There is a sizable Russian immigrant population in New York City and Lenny may be the norm. I don't live there. I would like to see him make the Final Two.

I also play the Fantasy Game on Yahoo as well. My addiction knows no bounds.

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  1. The only reason the fat, crazy lawyer didn't get fired is because he is good television.