Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grade School/High School Revisited

One of the things that I hated about grade school and high school is the whole "one person ruining it for everyone else" scenario that teachers seemed fond of enacting. One person coould not be quiet so no one gets the treat. Sometimes the offender would just go ahead and ruin it for everyone because they have nothing to lose.

Flashforward to 2006: I read a blog at Alter Peek that informs me that prior to tonight's State of the Union address the Republicans and the Democrats have been using Wikipedia to shore up their positions by shaping entries to suit their positions. Apparently the Republicans in particular have been adding slanderous information against the Democrats and taking out anything that criticizes the current administration's policies.


I would be the first to say that Wikipedia is not the end-all in terms of a resources for researchers but it is a good start and it is a great idea. Why does anyone from either side feel the need to tamper with it?

If your political platform is sound, you don't need to stoop to such behaviour to win your position. That kind of behaviour is what takes place in grade school and high school.

So now it seems that both parties have made it rotten for everyone.

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