Sunday, November 27, 2005

Walk The Line

Anybody walking the line this weekend?

I had always been aware of Johnny and June Carter Cash, but I never was deeply into their music. For me, Johnny Cash was the guy that pretended to be a preacher on an epsiode of Little House and the episode of Dr. Quinn that starred both he and June is one of the six episodes that I watched of that series and actually liked.

Then I saw the concert they had in tribute to him in the 90s where June performed "I Walk the Line" and that's where I really developed an appreciation for him (and June too). I was somewhat wary when they announced that they would do a movie about John and June.

I was also wary when it was announced that they would do a movie about Ray Charles. I saw Ray. I liked it. Though I still think that Don Cheadle should have won the Oscar, Jamie Foxx's win was well deserved.

A key difference is that Ray Charles was alive when "Ray" was produced and he had "editorial control" over how the story was told. "Walk the Line" of course was produced after both Johnny and June were dead. Their son was involved and at least one of his half sisters is not pleased with the portrayal of her mother and other aspects of her father's life in the film:

I think I will watch it. In case the movie is rotten, I will make sure that I will choose a theatre that carries "Chicken Little." It is also safe to say that I am usually found singing "Five Feet High and Rising," "Bird on a Wire," "Orange Blosson Special" and "Jackson" while typing.

And yeah, I suppose there will be a review of this somewhere...

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