Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Monday

Well my CD player just died. It bites but I suppose I was due to by a new one. I grew up with the generation that believed you kept something until you wrung every last bit of usage ot of it. You don't buy new things at the first sign of wear-you tape and mend them.

What is odd is that I have the Brothers Johnson song "Right On Time" running through my head. It's almost as if because I can't hear it on the CD player, my brain is making up for the absence.

I found out probably more about Trujillo than I think I cared to know. Always nice to start the day finding out that a man had 20,000 people massacred based on a test-a shibboleth.
(That is the new word for the day, kiddies.)

"Moronica" has been the word for the past two months, along with "Moronus" (Moronica rendered in the masculine).

Wikipedia can be addicting. I have been known to start reading about the item that I was suppose to research and then I will go onto something else and then I will feel the need to edit the passage because the original article is either too painful to read because of the grammar errors or because I just am a better speller.

If I had 24 more hours, I would probably make more contributions to wikipedia. I was informed that there is a need for "African American" information when I heavily corrected and added source material to a submission about a 19th century writer named Harriet Adams Wilson.

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