Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This and That

"This and That" was the title of Bette Davis' autobiographical answer to her daughter's memoirs on their relationship. By the time both books came out, their relationship was acrimonious at times at best. I wonder what Jane Fonda would have written about Henry.

I learned through an unscientific taste test that Powerade tastes like it has more sugar than Gatorade does. Gatorade has no real discenable flavor. I guess I would drink both interchangeably.

CBS still has on the whole, more compelling soaps than ABC or NBC although General Hospital when it finds its way is good.

I think that TV talk shows are the new 'religion.'

I wonder how George Lucas feels about being the father of a movement?

Oprah has not had George Lucas on...

Ellen is Ellen.

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