Sunday, April 3, 2005

North Carolina and Illinois

North Carolina and Illinois are the two left standing. What a wild ride it has been.

I wonder about such things. One of my pet theories is that lacking "daring dos" and hunting for food, men turn to these events as a way to relive the glory days of long ago while living out their lives of quiet desparation.

I came across this:

I thought it was great! I always liked the Black Panther and thought that his situation was interesting. He was the land version almost of Prince Namor, who unfortunately got more mileage in the past than he did. Admittedly, I have not collected Black Panther in a while. I should check out the graphic novels. I have the Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up graphic novels, dated though they were.

I suppose I will be behind Roy Williams and North Carolina since I was behind Roy when he was at Kansas. While I hated that Kansas didn't win, I reconciled myself to Syracuse winning. Boeheim deserved it. "Spiderman," "Captain America," "The Black Panther" and the gang outplayed "Batman", "Robin," Nightwing" and their gang. Now, I know that Brian Weber and the Illini will be the fan favorites especially since Weber's mother's death during the postseason will be the emotional hook story as Lute Olson's wife's death was the hook for Arizona. But, as Arizona's loss to Duke in 2001 showed, the emotional favorite doesn't always win.

I am banking on the fact that somehow, those boys (and girls at times) in North Carolina-be it North Carolina, NC State or Duke-manage to get it done.

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