Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Apparently I am...

Take the quiz: "Which Dead Rock Star Are You?"

Jeff Buckley
You are Jeff Buckley! You're influential to many young and old, and very talented. You have charisma and grace that sets you a part from many. You are beautiful! Oh, he died in 1997 from a drug-induced drowning in the Mississippi River.

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

Jeff Buckley (You scored 2)
Kurt Cobain (You scored 0)
Richey Edwards (You scored 1)
Jimi Hendrix (You scored 0)
John Lennon (You scored 1)
Bradley Nowell (You scored 1)
Joey Ramone (You scored 2)
Tupac (You scored 1)

Jeff Buckley link:

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