Wednesday, March 2, 2005

My Movie Survey


Comedy: Airplane, Airplane II, DC Cab

Romantic Comedy: Tom Jones (I don't do romantic comedies a whole lot)

Romance: The Notebook, The Crow, Say Anything

Drama: Nothin' But a Man, Garden State, Daughters of the Dust, Hoosiers, Cooley High


Rats of NIMH, The Last Unicorn, Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the baggy knees, Neverending Story, Dark Crystal


Computer-Animated: The Incredibles

Foreign: Fanny and Alexander, Nobody Knows, Scrooge, The Rules of the Game, Madame de..., Tampopo

Documentary: When We were Kings, Not For Ourselves Alone, The Civil War, TR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Midnight Ramble, The Lady Chieftains, Glory in Black and White, Who was Lee Harvey Oswald, The Civil War, Jazz, Frida Kahlo, Johnny Cash

Science Fiction: Star Wars, Contact, Return of the Jedi

Action: Terminator 2, Posse

Horror: Tales From the Crypt, Creepshow, Sleepwalkers, Red Rose

Thriller/Suspense: Charade, Runaway Jury

Trilogy or Series: Star Wars


Movie that you could watch over and over and over: The Emperor's New Groove, The Incredibles. The Notebook, The Majestic, Say Anything, Johnny Cash, Cooley High

Movie that made you...

Laugh the hardest/most: The Incredibles

Cry the most/hardest: I don't cry

Want to kiss somebody: The Notebook, A Little Romance

Change something in your life (what was it?):

Inspired/Motivated: Neverending Story, Contact

Favorite movie of all time: I don't know...

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