Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fighting the law and the ...

It's funny. It used to be a shameful thing to get arrested, be caught taking drugs or caught having an affair. Now it seems that if you lie about your investments and go to jail, you can be more bankable than when you went in. It is acceptable to be on tv telling of how dumb you were and how your wrecked the lives of others.

Michael Jackson
Interesting how he and Jesse Jackson now have an alliance. His career is over in the US.

Robert Blake
Even if I believe him and somewhat side with him in regards to the fact that his now dead wife swindled him. Who hires an old washed up homicidal maniac?

Phil Spector
Ronnie, his ex and lead singer of the Ronnettes could have told everyone what he was about.

Scott Peterson
Unfortunately the moral of the story is don't get pregnant by a man who does not love you.

Martha Stewart
White collar crime always pays.

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