Sunday, February 15, 2009

a Sci-fi Comedy
February 27-March 7
The Factory Theater
791 Tremont Street
Boston MA

"I am K'Tharr, a Grulark Warrior-Bunny from the planet Trepmalthok, and I would give my life to defend you!"

With those words from a six-feet tall bunny-shaped alien, Krista Maclay, burgeoning psychic, is thrown on a journey beyond the human world in which she meets Elvis-impersonating aliens, invisible annoying bodyswappers, a moody yet endearing psychic boy, and a long-dead former best friend who forces her into an epic psychic battle for free will.

"Paranormal" is a sci-fi comic fantasy juggernaut for everyone who doesn't see why someone couldn't be a zombie, a pirate, and a telepath at the same time.Featuring Laura DeCesare, Timothy Hoover, Neal Leaheey, Crystal Lisbon, and Nick Zendzian. Sound design by Neil Marsh. Written and Directed by Carl Danielson.

For tickets, call (866) 811-4111 or go to "Paranormal" at TheaterMania:

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