Friday, September 29, 2006


What deity did Charlestown, Massachusetts upset?

First, on the heels of a hostage/murder-suicide at a high school in Colorado, shots are fired outside of Charlestown High, necessitating a lockdown and hard target search for the gun.

Next, cement dust blankets the schoolbus yard that is located in Charlestown and that serves many of the schools in Boston.

Granted, it was interesting to hear news about Charlestown that did not concern the usual hard target search for bank robbers and to witness Channel 7 boldly preempt its daytime programming to provide the most coverage out of the three major stations of both events (not seeing 'Passions' and most of 'Days of Our Lives' was no huge loss).

Well, if the school deities are upset, I'd say that Charlestown ought to light a candle, listen to them, say they're sorry and fix whatever it is.

(I know-the last sentence makes no sense but what the hey?)

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