Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yule-December 21

I honestly feel like going...

"On the first morning of the day of pagan Christmas and all through the house many creatures were stirring, even the mouse.
Everyone was lining up their shoes wilth care
Because they would have to walk more than one mile to work and brave the winter air.
The New York Transit strike is in its second day,
While Damon's trade to the Yankees has left many Boston fans with a lot to say.
(and not any of it good...)"

Writing poetry was never a strong suit of mine. I appreciate it but I don't "live it" the way some people do.

All I can really say about the transit strike is...some people will actually add years to their lives by actually walking.

If we were talking LA or another city where walking or biking can be difficult, I might be more angry at the striking union workers. However, we are talking New York, reportedly "the most walkable city in the country."

I do feel for people who live further out, where walking or biking is not feasable.
I also feel for those who are on their feet overnight or all day and whose only respite is their seat on the bus or train. I used to be one of those people a long time ago, so I know all about that.

Also, it is cold. Real cold. Wind chill factor cold. Walking when it is that kind of cold is no fun at all. The weather will be coming up a few degrees over the next few days. That should help.

I am not fan of transit workers. At least, not of many MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) workers. It has been one month and one week since I complained about the T worker who mugged me in the station and was told by the MBTA police that they would keep me apprised of whether this person would be reprimanded by the T. I have yet to hear from the head of the Red Line or even the Complaint Department.

However, how are unions supposed to get their point across that they are serious? If the workers did not strike, then they would have had to settle for whatever the authority would have handed them. I do wonder what has changed. I can see animosity in regards to players being paid millions of dollars threatening a strike.
The workers just want fair and equitable benefits. Admittedly, transit workers put up with a lot from the public. They put up with far more than regular people do and while many are not too poor, they are not pulling in millions of dollars.

If these workers were so disposable, the Mayor Bloomberg would stop shaking his finger and the authority would just hire workers to replace the striking workers, otherwise known as "scabs." However, they are talking about jailing the union leaders...which will then make them martyrs and the strike carries on?

I don't know where and when this strike will end. I hope that it will result in people wanting to walk more because it's healthier and in people taking time not to cheat the toll collector opr bus driver when they can actually pay.

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  1. Your mugging statement sounds serious. Is that figurative? If not, you should have filed a police complaint.

    The strikers will either get their demdnads or Bloomberg should have a spine like Ronald Reagan and fire them all and hire new workers. Regardless, the general population of New York should not suffer. People have to get to work.