Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another fun thing-2

Native-American Seer and Remus Lupin's One True
You are the exchange student from hell. You are a
Ravenclaw, a Seer, a multi-animal Animagus, and
you randomly spout very short sentences of
deep, Zen-ish philosophy. Remus Lupin confides
his lycanthropy to you in 24 hours flat. You
are responsible for teaching the Marauders to
become Animagi. You will warn the Marauders
about the traitor in their midst, you will
bring Lily and James together, you will send
James to help Snape when Sirius plays the prank
because you have Seen this, you will tell Lily
the way to defeat Voldemort when he comes after
her son In short, you will either forsee or
facilitate all major and minor canon events,
which is ironic because your author
conveniently overlooks the fact that youve
never been mentioned in canon despite all that.

Which HP Mary Sue Are You? (WITH PICTURES)
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