Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Motivation is a funny thing.  It's amazing that a person can be motivated to travel great distances to do the thing that's fun, but not the thing that they ought to do.

This is because the things that we ought to do routinely and diligently are usually NOT FUN.

Picking up your clothes, paying bills, cleaning the kitchen, putting together a shopping list - NOT FUN.

Watching movies you haven't seen in a while, doing tons of shots the night before you have to show up for another mindnumbing day of work, recreational sex - FUN

Unfortunately, when we are motivated to do the FUN things instead of the NOT FUN things and not do the NOT FUN things at all, bad things usually happen.

Being a responsible adult means you dig down and find the motivation to do the NOT FUN things because they need to be DONE. 

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