Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conspiracy Sunday on AMC

Well it looks like in anticipation of a tv series that can possibly be called the Gen-Xer/Millenial "JFK," the cable channel AMC decides to air the original "JFK," Oliver Stone's magnus opus, hich set the tone for all of the Boomer conspiracy theory movies that would crowd the landscape of the 90s.

I did eventually see "JFK" in its entirety, almost 7 years after it came out in the theaters. I think I spent more time identifying the all-star cast at first, than paying attention to the story as by the time I saw it, it had been analyzed, vilified, scandalized and satirized (most famously by Seinfield in the episode that analyzed a spitting incident. Wayne Knight, who portrayed Newman and who was in the movie, played a part in this episode). I was therefore not learning anything particularly new. The one scene that stayed with me was the confab between Kenvin Costner and Donald Sutherland. As most people attest, Sutherland is good at being in memorably creepy scenes. He portrayed 'X' and gave what I think was some of the best advice for anyone wanting to get to the bottom of anything next to "Follow The Money" and anything written by Sun Tzu.

I don't know if I will watch Rubicon. Admittedly, I think I enjoy cold cases best and being someone who grew up long after Watergate, the Kennedy and King assassinations, conspiracies to me are as mundane as barenaked ladies.

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