Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Since my last post...

  • I attended a forum at Harvard's Stem Cell Institute. It was an interesting overview of what types of research is going on right now for the use of stem cells in some of the major diseases that are killing us, such as diabetes, and heart disease. I liked it fine, since that is where my interests lie-gene therapy. I also got a chance to look at Harvard Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology-one of the many possibilities for school.

  • I realized that tv blows at certain hours of the day. I am so not the 'Rachel Ray'-'The View' person and 'Jerry Springer' lost it's entertainment value for me around 2000. 'Maury Povich' basically three programs: "Who's my baby's daddy?", "Amazing Animals" and "Amazing Videos."

  • I came to the realization that I need to have my Wednesdays or Thursdays back.

  • I found lots of websites that will show full episodes of classic TV. A bit like having the radio experience at work. The sites I frequent are: CBS.COM, NBC.COM and now HULU.COM. Oddly enough, two of my favorites moments have come from the dreadful Season Three of 'Star Trek' TOS. In 'All Our Yesterdays,' I love the scene where Spock essentially snaps McCoy's whole body and I liked the exchange when he and McCoy really go head to head. I love reinterpreting some of this dialogue in Ghetto-ese: "Oh hell No! You are not trying to score while our captain is out there you know where in danger! " or "you know, you done called me out of my name just one too many times. Do it again and see what happens..."The 'Turnabout Intruder' episode is sexist in the extreme. For some reason I liked the Spock, Sulu, and Scott speeches (though Scotty's was a little long-we got already that Scott had seen many sides of the captain through the first three adjectives he dropped on us.) I suppose it was something about the letter "S" in the writers' room that day.I have often said regarding the 'Galileo Seven' episode that Spock should have said to McCoy, "You open your mouth one more time and you will be walking home. See if you don't."

  • I could just throw some dates on the calendar and see what sticks. One that I will do is combine this with dinner afterwards:


  • I have started being more conscientious about my blogging I did take up the pledge to blog 365 and I want to keep it.

  • I learned that apparently the W3 Foundation offers free web building tutorials that go beyond HTML Look what I found in an email digest from the asklizryan group:

  • I found out that People R Stoopid I think that now former Governor Spitzer should have watched "American Gangster" and have heeded Frank Lucas' admonition about the loudest one being the weakest link if he wanted to get away with it.I also think that I love that this guy got caught because I bet that this is the more typical profile of the john that gets involved.

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