Friday, March 14, 2008

B & B


Just when I completely wrote off the new Bridget and Bold and the Beautiful, someone finally wrote a scene that MADE SENSE and gave Bridget some cajones in the bargain. Bridget called Brooke by her RIGHT NAME and snapped her whole body. I know that it will be short lived and that good writing will go away again. Boy I wish that Jennifer Finnigan could have played that scene. Ashley Jones did all right, but Jennifer would have really knocked it out of the park.You can watch the 3/13/08 episode here:

The subplot of Stephanie's sister Pam (played by Alley Mills of 'The Wonder Years') is mildly amusing. It's almost as if they said, "play her like Kevin Arnold's mom with a dash of Dolores Umbridge of Harry Potter fame and a bit of Annie Wilkes of 'Misery' fame."

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