Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Gerald Ford's Funeral- live blogging

I am currently listening to the funeral for the 38th president of the United States-Gerald Ford. I tuned into CBS ready to hear the new carryings on taking place in Springfield (Guiding Light) and got the broadcast instead. Katie Couric is officiating the CBS broadcast. To give Anchor Barbie some credit, she is trying but tried my patience as usual with her limp attempts to be witty and knowledgeable. I went over to NBC, where Brian Williams resides. I thought that Tom Brokaw would have been pulled in as he had for the Queen Mother's funeral. Brian acquitted himself as competently as he often does; demonstrating why he was tapped to secede Brokaw when he retired. I realized that Charles Gibson would likely be hosting the ABC broadcast and so here I am, listening to Charles and now Barbara Walters providing commentary about President and Mrs. Ford. This is the kind of moment that both anchors are made for.

I now know why Tom Brokaw is not covering the funeral-he will be providing one of the eulogies. Tom acquitted himself well.

They retired his number, which was "48" at the Univ of Michigan.

It is a windy day.

The service is High Espicopal, and the hymns are being sung by the Armed Forces choir.

As the only President to serve that was not elected in a general election, it was pointed out that Justice John Paul Stevens was his only appointee to the Supreme Court.

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