Friday, July 28, 2006

Women are not represented in large numbers in leadership roles in the corporate world.

Diversity Inc. published an article informing the nation that women are not represented in large numbers in leadership roles in the corporate world. They ascribe this disparity to the fact that women tend to be tracked over the course of their career into positions in departments that are largely administrative and human resource-oriented as opposed to sales, which has more of an impact on the bottom.

I almost filed this under the "bleedin' obvious." On second reflection, while this should come to no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to workplace trends, it still seems to be something that continues to happen. I recognized this when I worked in retail and noticed that those that were in charge were men and those who did the grunt work were women. While more women are taking on leadership roles in the corporate world, there are so many that get tracked into positions where they have very little influence and are usually the casualties of any cutbacks that happen. At one company that I worked at, which was women owned by the way, I was surprised at how when a male was hired in a leadership role, it was perceived as a move that will correct the company's plummeting fortunes-even though that male may have come from the outside whereas the women who were equally qualified were congratulated on maintaining morale than for their ability to generate revenue.

I am glad that Diversity Inc. is keeping an eye on this issue. I will be even more glad when they report that they do not need to mention this anymore because it is a non-issue.

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