Sunday, May 14, 2006

More McChronicles

Friday, May 5th's entry at the McChronicles stressed "Cleanliness."

"The McDonald's customer has been "sold" a clean, sparkling restaurant since the beginning. Whether it is a print ad or a TV commercial - one of the highlights of the McDonald's experience (as promoted) is cleanliness. Rightly so, we say. Cleanliness is a critical part of any dining experience. And this is true whether an order is 'for here' or 'to take out'."
I could not agree more. I go back to my experience at a Dunkin Donuts where the server gave me a Vanilla Chai Tea will tea dripping down the sides of the cup. I pointed to the cup and asked him if "he would serve that to his own mother?" He looked at the cup, in which the tea had now made its way onto the counter and then proceeded to get napkins and wipe both cup and counter.

Many people seem to feel that if you receive service from an establishment that is not a fine dining establishment, that you are asking too much for simple cleanliness in food handling and in general area. Cleanliness says a lot about who you are and what you respect. Filthy places clearly have no respect.

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